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Guidelines for Planning an HWA Regional Event

1. “Regional Event” is defined as a test, fun day or training weekend in a state other than Ohio.

2. Any HWA member may propose and carry out an HWA-sponsored event, such as a Fun in the Field weekend, a training weekend, or a Hunt Test to be held in the locality of that person’s residence or preferred hunting grounds.

a. The person who proposes the event (let’s call him or her “the organizer”) will submit plans or an outline of the event in writing for review and approval by the HWA Events Committee and Board prior to getting deeply involved in carrying out the plans.

3. The person who proposes the event (the organizer) will have the “boots on the ground” responsibilities of making all the local arrangements associated with an event, including:

a. Locate grounds for the event with adequate requirements for safe field events. If the grounds require reservations, contracts, permits, etc, the organizer takes care of that as the agent of HWA

b. The organizer will make arrangements for birds and/or raccoons to be used, whether such birds are supplied by the owner of the grounds (as in a game preserve) or purchased and transported from another supplier.

c. The organizer will make arrangements for adequate facilities and equipment on grounds, including porta-potties (if no clubhouse with plumbing/water); atvs for transporting game, bird boxes for holding game, shelter for attendees (clubhouse, tents, or EZ up tents), and adequate parking.

d. The organizer will arrange for lunches at the event site, whether by contracting with owner of grounds for catering, bringing in outside food truck, caterer, or ordering pizza or sandwiches & bringing them in.

e. The organizer will locate and suggest nearby motels that allow dogs in the rooms. For a larger group, the organizer may want to negotiate a “group” rate for a block of rooms for the event at the best motel.

f. The organizer will locate and list local emergency vet clinics in advance so attendees will have this information on tap.

g. If bringing in a professional trainer who charges a fee, organizer will have written agreement (contract), also to be co-signed by HWA President or Event Coordinator.

h. If event is an HWA Hunt Test, the organizer should arrange for judges, gunners, bird planters and local volunteers, with the consultation of the HWA Events Planning Committee.

i. If event is an HWA Hunt Test, organizer must take care that all courses, judging and procedures are in accord with HWA Hunt Test rules. At least one member of the HWA Events Planning Committee should participate in Hunt Test planning and carrying out.

j. The organizer will be responsible for estimating the total cost of the event so that the cost can be used to calculate an entry fee which will cover the costs.

4. HWA Events Committee & HWA Board will support the event and organizer with the following:

a. Consultation and review of plans on an ongoing basis.

b. Assisting in building an entry by publicizing event on HWA email lists, website, Facebook

c. At least one HWA Board member or Events Committee member should attend the event

d. HWA will assist in covering the costs of an HWA-approved event, provided the Board is advised of the costs and approves the expenditure in advance.

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